37th Spring International Conference
Modelling and Simulation of Systems

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April 28 - 30, 2003

Brno, Czech Republic

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First Announcement and Call for Papers

Organized by

The conference further continues in series of Moravo-Silesian professional meetings oriented towards advanced modelling and system simulation.

Program Committee

M. Alexík (SK), R. R. Babajan (Russia), Z. Binder (F), M. Brejcha (CZ), M. Češka (CZ), G. Dobrowolski (PL), A. Grzech (PL), P. Hanáček (CZ), H. Hermansky, (USA), M. Hluchý (SK), T. Hruška (CZ), A. Jávor (H), A. Kasprzak (PL), E. Kindler (CZ), E. Puchala (PL), Z. Rábová (CZ), M. Šnorek (CZ), V. Stoffová (SK), J. Štefan, (CZ), M. Sujanský (SK), Y. Tanguy (F), J. Zendulka (CZ), F. Zbořil (CZ), R. Zobel (GB)


  1. Simulation Application
  2. Modelling and Simulation Methods, Methodologies and Techniques
  3. Simulation Hardware and Software
  4. Simulation Tools
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
  6. Simulation of Environmental Systems, Medicine, Biology, Pharmacology and Biophysics
  7. Simulation of Technical Systems
  8. Simulation in Production and Logistics
  9. Simulation of Logistics, Traffics and Transport Systems
  10. Simulation in Economy, Business and Managerial Works
  11. Simulation in Manufactury
  12. Simulation in Research and Development

About the conference place

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, lies in a colourful region at the confluence of the Svratka and the Svitava rivers, where the first strips of forested hills of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands rise from vast South Moravian Lowlands. It lies where routes led for centuries, connecting the northern and southern European civilisations.

Brno, the historical Moravian metropolis, is the administrative, business, industrial, and cultural centre of South Moravia. The city boasts six universities. There are many fascinating museums, galleries, exhibition sites and other places worth a visit in Brno. Both the city and its beautiful surroundings offer a host of remarkable sights.


Conference languages are English, (MOSIS Czech and Slovak to). Send 3 copies of a full paper (max. 8 pages A4, 12 pt) to the conference program committee contact address. The presented results must be unpublished and not submitted for publication. Papers will be rewieved. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by March 7, 2003.

Accepted papers will be published in the MOSIS’03 proceedings. The deadline for submission of a camera ready paper in a specified format is March 30, 2003.

The conference will be organised in conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Information Systems Implementation and Modelling (ISIM’03). Participants of MOSIS’03 can attend also the ISIM’03 conference.


Contact Address

(for reply card and hard copy camera-ready submission)

Department of Computer Science
FEEI VŠB - Technical University Ostrava
tř. 17. listopadu 15
708 33 Ostrava
Czech Republic

mailto: jan.stefan@marq.cz
(mailto: jan.stefan@vsb.cz)
fax: +420-(0)69-6919352
www pages: http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/events/MOSIS/2003/


(include proceedings)
A: Basic conference fee 150 USD
B: Czech and Slovak participants 4940 Kc
C: CSSS members 3400 Kc

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Styles for proceedings of MOSIS

All camera ready papers have to be prepared according to following typing patterns, either using of LaTeX or MS-Word.

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